EP 233 | Chris Kelly

EP 233 | Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly is the guitarist in Galactic Empire and Alustrium as well as a producer/engineer.

We’re thrilled to have Chris Kelly on the podcast to talk about how he learned the incredibly intricate Galactic Empire material, how producers create their own competition, our love/hate relationship with the internet, and of course the age old question: do you need an audio degree?

“It seems like with every generation, people become more self-qualified to be critics of whatever form of media they’re consuming and more outspoken about it.” – Chris Kelly


5:34 – How multiple takes can save a session

12:30 – Understanding what people are and aren’t capable of in the studio

22:05 – Why it’s important for drummers to be able to have their drums edited and be able to punch in

25:41 – How certain kinds of producers end up creating their own competition

31:51 – Where the line is when finding your own sound vs copying other people

42:56 – How much time Chris spends working on Galactic Empire and the differences between metal and orchestral music

46:43 – What went into learning the songs for Galactic Empire

50:24 – Time management

53:06 – Chris’s guitar warmup and practice routine

57:43 – If Chris ever used visualization when learning new material

1:01:20 – How badly programmed drums sound. Hint: terrible.

1:05:17 – Why chasing perfection is pointless since humans are not perfect

1:14:13 – How we don’t remember a lot of the bad music from other eras because it was before everything lived on the internet

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