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EP6 | Thinking About Better Than Best

“Perfection Is The Enemy Of Progress” – Winston Churchill

Imagine if our favorite mixers decided to stop mixing until every single aspect of their control room was perfect…

They would never mix, because no control room is ever perfect!

No matter how hard you try, you can’t get better than best. Sure, there’s always room for improvement, and over time, with the right work ethic, anyone can improve what their best is. However, in the present moment, you can’t do any better than the best you can do.

Learn to live with that.

Perfectionism is one of the biggest momentum killers we face. It’s a futile pursuit because like it or not, nothing will ever be perfect. You are chasing the impossible. Once you replace perfectionism with an unbreakable commitment to getting the job done, that’s when your audio skills will really jump to the next level.

Perfection is nothing, momentum is everything.

In this episode we cover:
  • Making the most of your listening environment
  • Using “crappy” speakers to improve your mixes
  • The difference between real and arbitrary deadlines
  • Don’t trust a spec sheet, trust your ears
  • Resources for quality acoustic treatment

How to build your own acoustic panels
Build your own acoustic panels for under $30
Real Traps
GIK Acoustics

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  1. “Fuck Mac”… omg… Windows about is the worst operating system that I have ever used. And I am a software engineer by trade. How did you guys get so skewed? Mac OS X is built on top of Unix, which is much stable. I have completely the opposite experience with OS X and Windows. Windows constantly fails, and OS X has been consistent, with every plugin that I have used and and every audio interface, OS X has been much more consistent and stable. Beware of people that just use PC’s because they don’t like Apple. If your machine is taking 15 minutes to come back from sleep, your machine is configured incorrectly. Trust me, PCs are just as shitty as they always were… Windows is just garbage…

    1. Post
  2. “You can just go into a store…” and destabilize your Windoze machine with shitty drivers, driver changes etc, etc… Just go to the store and try it out. You might be sadly surprised at which happens.

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