EP22 | Studio Construction w Kris Crummett

EP22 | Studio Construction with Kris Crummett

Renowned producer and engineer Kris Crummett joins the show to talk about his experiences  producing bands and constructing studios from the ground up.

Constructing a studio can be daunting and no matter how clear cut your plan is, there will be unforeseen variables that can hamper the process. The upside to building on your own, if done properly, will educate you to understand the inner workings of sound. 

If you’re building your own studio, or just planning on building acoustic treatment for a room that already exists, this episode is for you.

“The best thing about building your own stuff is you get the understanding on how to make something from nothing” – Kris Crummett

Kris Crummett’s studio
Kris Crummet’s CreativeLIVE classes
Bob Golds room calculator
John Sayers

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