EP 228 | Blasko

EP 228 | Blasko

Blasko is the bassist for Ozzy Osbourne, former bassist for Rob Zombie, and manages prominent artists such as Andy Black and Zakk Wylde.

Very few people have the chance to ever experience their dreams come true, let alone sustain those dreams for an entire career. That type of success doesn’t happen by accident. Only through a sustained habit of great decision making, a network of influential strategic alliances, calculated risk taking, next level intuition, an unstoppable work ethic, and a little bit of luck can anyone even hope to have the chance to play the game at it’s higher levels. It’s rare to get the chance to pick the brain of someone who’s made it happen, to that degree.

That’s why we’re thrilled to have Blasko back on the podcast. He’s been in the upper echelon of this business for decades and it really shines through in this episode.We discuss what it takes to make the most out of every single opportunity. Whether you succeed or fail at something, with the right mindset (and skillset) anything can be reframed to your advantage.  You’ll want to soak up everything he says, because it doesn’t just apply to touring, it applies to anything you want to do with your creative career. 

“Your network is your net worth. In this business there is no truer statement. There’s no truer reality.” – Blasko


1:51 – Why good managers show up on day 1 of a tour and what Blasko expects to be going right or wrong from the outset

6:11 – How Blasko’s experience as a musician informs his management decisions

8:47 – Red flags

14:31 – Having to tip out a percentage of merch sales to the venue

16:58 – Blasko’s early days as a bartender and when he got the Rob Zombie gig

19:18 – Nepotism in music

24:29 – What Blasko does with the 23 hours that he’s not on stage

30:31 – The fear of getting old with no plan

32:26 – What the Ozzy Osbourne gig was like for Blasko when he first got it

37:16 – How smarter musicians makes things better for Blasko as a manager

43:04 –  Optimizing everything when it comes to your career

46:13 – How a musician’s love for playing their instrument will make them feel more successful

50:23 – The advantage of a musician owning their personal brand and how Zakk Wylde has accomplished that


Blasko on the internet:

Blasko’s Instagram (click here if you love cats)


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