EP 226 | Eliran Kantor

EP 226 | Eliran Kantor

Eliran Kantor is a prolific artist who has worked with bands like Testament, Hatebreed, Thy Art Is Murder, Fleshgod Apocalypse,  Bloodbath, Andy Black, and many more.

Eliran Kantor is known for bringing a unique and truly dark look to every album cover he creates. We discuss how he got his start in art, what led him to working with Testament, and how he never gave up on his passion. He also talks about what it’s like to be a team player when his personality doesn’t always naturally play well with others.

“Be in a genuine position. Work hard to get yourself to a place where you don’t need to fake being excited about working on this team because you really want to be there. You really want to work with these guys because you appreciate them. You appreciate the music. You appreciate their craft and you’re excited about doing it together.” – Eliran Kantor


3:52 – How long Eliran has been an artist and what led him to it

8:32 – Getting to work with Testament and how Eliran quit his job to work on art for bands

14:06 – Getting good at your craft and how that will allow things to fall into place

20:02 – How to know when you’ve taken the obsession too far and just need to work on something else

22:58 – When you know that your career path is going to work out for you and how failing is just more experience

29:01 – How long it takes to get a finished product and when he sets expectations

33:21- Inappropriate requests and experimentation

44:01 – The competition within music styles and how it’s changed with modern production

50:04 – Competing with people who aren’t as good because of how much easier and cheaper it is for others to get involved in creative work

52:23 – Being a team player even though you’re singularly focused. Being genuine with others

1:03:11 – Fighting for your ideas when you know they are right

1:04:20 – How moments in your life can influence what you’re working on

1:08:30 – Working with an artist because you know they’ll bring their own interpretation to it

1:14:55 –  What Eliran does with the original artwork that he creates and how he’s been displaying art at festivals

1:19:34 – How to get yourself started when you’re not feeling inspired or excited


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