EP 2018 | Seth Munson

EP 218 | Seth Munson

Seth Munson is a producer with credits ranging from Drake Bell, Christina Grimmie, and a whole lot more.

This episode is a testament not only to our ability to overcome tremendous odds, but at a much more mundane scale, it shows that we can transcend whatever genre we think we are trapped in. Seth Munson successfully transitioned from a roster of all local metal bands to working with some of the most recognizable acts in popular music.

“Because I was sick and because I dropped out of high school and had all these obstacles, it’s helped my career in a sense where I can really push through with things that I don’t like because I’ve gone through much, much worse.” – Seth Munson


2:49 Navigating the trials of moving to a different genre in your career

6:20 How to utilize free work to build a client base

10:20 Transitioning into paid work

12:00 How Seth took the jump to LA (with a wife and kids)

15:41 How to adapt production skills to translate across genres

16:58 Bringing vocals to life in pop music

18:55 Keeping the vocalist fresh during the session

21:42 Screening artists to make sure their music is something you’ll be excited about

24:10 The importance of prioritizing cool personalities over bigger artists

28:01 Finding the balance between business and art

33:40 Why business people aren’t out to get you

37:50 The gamble of offering a free record for a huge artist

46:05 Validating your emotions and keeping them in check

49:59 How to handle rejection and stay professional when your mix doesn’t make the cut

52:19 Staying humble and appreciating opportunities when you have them

54:24 Making decisions on sticking through formal education

58:32 Shaking off the stigma of dropping out of school

61:01 Fighting against illness while working and building a career

69:56 How to thrive in an oversaturated market

71:34 Advice on moving to a major recording market

72:58 The struggle of posthumously working on a close friends art

78:40 Being friends with Joel Wanasek

81:06 The long journey of art creation


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