EP 212 | Jack Shirley

Ep 212 | Jack Shirley

Grammy nominated producer, Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Loma Prieta) joins the podcast to discuss the critical importance of creating repeat clients, why producers need to be involved in their community, and how NOT to promote yourself and your work.

“When I’m tracking a band, I would say 80 plus percent of the processing on the recording is happening on capture. So like EQ and compression, often times distortion, like whatever it might be, that’s all happening as part of the capture. Which I think always sounds better.” – Jack Shirley


4:07 – What got Jack Shirley into recording
7:15 – Production styles for various genres hadn’t landed yet when Jack first started recording
10:30 – Jack Shirley’s dealings with black metal
13:19 – The high quality production with Deafheaven still being able to sound raw and if that poses any challenges
14:28 – What point computers come in during the process of making an album
18:38 – What happens when a band wants to sound a certain way, but doesn’t record in a way that’s conducive to it
23:28 – Great production being built on a thousand little decisions
30:11 – How you win with the better you get as a band and finding the equipment that suits you
35:59 – Having bands come in that want your sound, but don’t want to do things your way
39:34 – How Jack would earn a band’s trust
47:10 – Wanting to leave some of the human aspects in a take and weighing your options to figure out what’s most important
51:53 – How fast Jack moves with the recording process
55:00 – Working with people who you’re on the same page with and having repeat clients
57:48 – Living in your studio and dealing with the people who stay with you
1:09:38 – Being part of the music scene in order to get work by word-of-mouth and taking advantage of opportunities where you can
1:15:23 – Having a deeper connection with the bands because of also having experienced being on tour
1:16:57 – Why producers shouldn’t market themselves the way companies do

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