EP 293 | Josh Wilbur

EP 293 | Josh Wilbur

Josh Wilbur is a prolific producer/mixer/engineer for heavy hitters in a variety of genres ranging from Korn, Lamb of God, Gojira, and Trivium, all the way to Pink and Demi Lovato.


2:15 – Juggling multiple albums at a time

12:31 – Early mistakes that producers make

22:34 – Cutting your teeth on hip-hop sessions

38:40 – Dealing with artists who can’t admit when they’re wrong

48:31 – The role of rough demos in Josh’s mixes

58:12 – Josh’s move from Maine to NY to work at Soundtracks

1:15:00 – Stop pigeon-holing yourself early on

1:36:32 – Does Josh feel any nerves or pressure on big records?

1:48:01 – The conversation before recording a record

2:03:19 – Josh’s Busta Rhymes story

2:11:42 – Josh’s first major-label production

2:25:01 – Working with Tenacious D

2:32:34 – Managing the synths and ambient noises in Korn’s Nothing

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