EP 253 | George Lever

EP 253 | George Lever

George Lever is an insanely insightful record producer that’s worked with genre propelling bands such as Sleep Token, Loathe, and many others. 

“You’re not setting goals in order to achieve them. You’re setting goals in order to reach beyond them” – George Lever


2:29 – Why the 5 am wake up call doesn’t always work for George 

10:32 – Learning to unwind and creating habits

26:05 – Should you be friends with the bands you work with?

33:37 – Establishing trust with bands and getting them to listen to you

40:15 – How your upbringing shapes you

55:49 – What’s behind the audio

1:02;00 – Movie directors are like music producers

1:12:41 – How important is authenticity?

1:33:38 – If you’re going all in, make sure it’s for the right cause

1:42:44 – The industry can’t manufacture someone like Billie Eilish

1:51:29 – George’s takeaways from getting a business started during a recession period 

2:04:00 – Overcoming your fear of just going out and doing things

2:17:59 – Reminiscing on the Myspace and mp3.com days and what some of the current downfalls of tech in the industry are

2:33:41 – How George got certain sounds on the records he’s worked on

2:45:10 – What audio rule does George break most often?

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