Unboxing Jason Richardson “Fragments” raw multi-tracks

*Shredding Intensifies*

Eyal Levi takes you on a guided tour in of this epic session from Jason Richardson’s solo album. This session was featured on Nail The Mix back in 2017, and it was so sick we decided that you deserved a full unboxing 🙂

It was originally produced and mixed by Taylor Larson and features Luke Holland on drums with guest appearances by Mark Holcomb of Periphery and Lukas Magyar of Veil of Maya – and let me tell you, this session is a TREAT, especially the drums which are absolutely pristine (believe it or not this mix has very few samples in it).

You’ll see a lot of interesting stuff in this one such as THREE (!) guitar tones on each side, the trademark Taylor Larson drum sound, a very intricate performance by Luke Holland, and lots and lot of layers of synths and other post-production… lots of fun to be had with this one!

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