May 2020 Collab Smash Results!

The Winners of May 2020 Collab Smash are… programmed drum roll please Team 127 Ghost Note with their track “You Dsub Of A B_tch”!

Shout out to the members of Team 127 Ghost Note: Adam Barnes, Max Moujaes, Matze Schilling, James Kirsch, Romain Saule and Merijn Aap!

Listen to the top 5 runners-up here

Thanks to our friends at Room Sound!

What is Collab Smash?

Collab Smash is a monthly competition that takes place in the URM Trading Grounds.

Teams of 2-6 URM members collaborate to write an original song based on a new challenge every month. The winning team members get a cool prize, and everybody has fun and makes new friends!

June’s challenge: create a song in the style of Rammstein, and hopefully dethrone the reigning champion, Team 127 Ghost Note!

Join Collab Smash!

You’re invited! Just click here to join the URM Trading Grounds, find your teammates and dethrone the champs!

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