EP88 | Dan Tsurif

EP88 | Dan Tsurif

Dan Tsurif of Mercenary Management knows what it takes to be successful in the music business, and he’s here to share his expertise.

This episode is really a twofer. Not only do we have Dan Tsurif on board, but Finn McKenty is also back to help co-host. Want to make a living in the music industry? Want to know what your act needs to focus on at each stage of its growth? What NOT to do when approaching record labels? Listen up; we’re going to tell you.

Everything we’ve ever put out sounds awesome, why are you sending me something that sounds like it was recorded in a toilet?” – Dan Tsurif


– The importance of diversifying your income as an artist
– Why marketing won’t mean a thing if you don’t value your craft
– Dan’s stance on when you really want to get a manager
– Finn’s 3 part formula for becoming involved in a business venture
– Pitfalls for up and coming bands
– How to approach (and not approach) record labels and media outlets
– And much, much more


Mercenary Management
Wylde Audio
Horizon Devices

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