EP77 | Brian Hood

EP77 | Brian Hood

Producer/educator/entrepreneur Brian Hood gets real about marketing yourself as a producer and how to properly network.

You will gain an inside perspective on building a profitable studio and managing overhead expenses. In order to do both of those, you must always be learning and expanding your sphere of influence. Well honed people skills and an insatiable quest for knowledge are arguably just as important as your technical audio skills.

At the end of the day, the market is showing that the value is not in the gear or in the room, it’s really just in the person being hired to mix or produce. Establishing your own value or your own brand is the future.” – Eyal Levi


– The remarkable role that social skills play in your career
– Positioning your business when setting a price point
– How the large studio market thinning out means more work for the ever growing project and home studio industry
– The importance of reading/listening for new information and acquiring new skills
– Surrounding yourself with a circle that inspires and motivates
– Why lowering your rates is a race to the bottom
– Recommended learning resources from Eyal, Joey, Joel, and Brian
– Networking skills for introverts
– Why your studio might be failing


456 Recordings
The Six Figure Home Studio
From Shit to Gold Course

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  1. Thank you gentlemen. Very useful tips, and a big relief to listen through your way up and apply to where I am at. Appreciate you actually spend time putting the podcast together and helping others develop their skills and ultimately succeed. Thanks again!

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