EP29 | Jens Bogren

EP29 | Jens Bogren

On this episode of the podcast, Jens Bogren joins us to discuss his experiences as a producer, from working with bands (Opeth, Katatonia, etc) to his practices for finding the right gear/sound for a mix when working on a project.

Get the chance to listen to a highly revered producer discuss some of his tricks of the trade.  Check out what Jens has to say about go to microphones for capturing heavy vocals in different situations. You will understand why Bogren implements up to four SM57’s, amongst a handful of other mics to capture his tone.

Run! Work really hard, and dump your girlfriend!” – Jens Bogren


– Working hard and frequently at becoming a better producer
– Acquiring the right gear/workflow to minimize steps required to get a good sound
– Using early pro bono work that sounds great for starting your portfolio
– Jens’ technique for mixing snare drums
– Where Bogren searches for nerdy audio information
– And much, much more


Fascination Street Studios

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  1. Hi, can I request an interview with Jens Bogren, please?
    I understand EP29 has had Mr Bogren to confess, but… I need to know how on earth he made Sepultura’s latest album to sound so freaking fresh, groovy, and downright interesting (I did not expect this from Sepultura). The more I listen to Machine Messiah the more I love it and I want to understand how Jens helped a band (sorry, the legend, The Band) achieve a fathomless mastery in heaviness, catchiness, tightness, etc. This album is the reason for me to fall in love in Sepultura’s music again.
    PS, I am enjoying the URM podcast like no one other, please keep up the good work!

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