EP204 | Colin Brittain

EP204 | Colin Brittain

We talk to Colin Brittain (Dashboard Confessional, Papa Roach, All Time Low) about feeding your successes with passion, why you should maintain a vast musical knowledge, and mentorship.

Keep your eye on the ball. Look at the big picture. Don’t get caught up on what compressor to use. If your song sucks it doesn’t matter.” – Colin Brittain


0:05:30 The evolution of heavy music fusing with electronic music and pop.
0:13:00 People paying you for your taste as a producer. Your musical knowledge needs to be vast.
0:25:00 URM and the new landscape of mentorship in engineering and production.
0:32:00 Alex Prieto and the process of establishing relationships with the intent of finding mentors.
0:40:00 Gradually transitioning a career into different roles but always in the realm of music.
0:44:00 Vocal production and communicating with vocalists, keep it to a few takes and keep your session moving.
1:00:00 Papa Roach’s temporary beach and pre-production strategies.
1:12:00 The journey should be the reward; on Gary V.
1:18:00 Artists responding to a lack of fear and confidence in the project from the producer.


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