EP194 | Anthony Potenza

EP194 | Anthony Potenza

Producer and URM subscriber, Anthony Potenza, joins the show to talk with us about leveling up your audio career.

Anthony has always been someone that’s stood out as having an amazing work ethic and the way he approaches his work is going to take him far. So, we wanted to sit down with him to talk about quitting his day job to do audio full time, building connections and drawing clients, the surprising answer for what gear you should actually get for your studio first, and a whole lot more.

When I don’t have clients, I’ll make sure I’m working on bettering my skills, so I can really wow the clients when they come.” – Anthony Potenza


2:49 Anthony’s transition to recording full time
7:15 Why resting on your laurels when you start getting a client base is a mistake
10:07 Why you should probably go to another producer to record your own band
12:35 How Anthony got his first clients
14:59 The value of building connections that you actually care about, instead of just looking for “in”s
19:55 The things you need to focus on before worrying about your gear list
27:09 Building acoustic panels
29:34 Anthony’s current approach to getting clients
And much, much more


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