EP192 | Jason Lekberg

EP192 | Jason Lekberg

Having some amount of marketing knowledge is essential in the music industry of today, and Jason Lekberg (Lekberg Enterprises, IKILLYA) joins us this week to impart some of his vast knowledge on the subject.

Jason has worked with a number of amazing artists, such as Steel Panther, Lamb of God, and Judas Priest. You’re unlikely to find someone more knowledgeable about digital marketing in the industry. We discuss how to maintain artistic integrity while also marketing effectively, marketing and networking downfalls to avoid, and we get into specific things to keep in mind for bands trying to effectively market themselves. We also discuss the services that Lekberg Enterprises offers and the ethic that Jason has based the company around.

You have to build something that is immediately unique and identifiable, and that, at every touchpoint, people understand that it’s your brand, and understand that it’s you.” – Jason Lekberg


2:00 Jason’s background, playing in bands in 90’s, starting management career in late-2000’s in Brooklyn
6:00 The collapse of MySpace-based marketing in early 2008
14:30 What it takes to be a successful functioning band
25:00 The difficulty of finding band members who share the same level of commitment
32:00 How to avoid giving people an easy way to say “no” to you/your band/your project
36:00 The downfall of bands that lack a clearly defined brand
42:00 Management and promotion based on an ethical relationship with the artist
54:00 The process of understanding an artist and their vision
1:08:00 Sticking to a schedule for social media assets and other marketing elements
1:13:00 Jason’s recommended resources
And much, much more


Lekberg Enterprises
Renman Music & Business

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