EP191 | Mixcritmonday Bullet For My Valentine Edition

EP191 | Mixcritmonday Bullet For My Valentine Edition

Mixcritmonday triumphantly returns with Eyal and John Douglass, and we’ve got the lowdown on some subscriber mixes of Bullet For My Valentine’s “Over It.”

It’s fun to get mega toms. There’s something validating and manly or something about it. But you don’t realize that you’re crushing the mix like a can and throwing it away.” – Eyal Levi


4:58 Watching out for harsh high end
7:03 Making sure that you’re not going overboard with vocal fx
11:01 Taming cymbals to allow other elements to allow more room for other elements
18:14 Effectively building up to the climax of a song
29:18 Why you need resist the urge to strut your “manliness” with toms
40:18 Efforts that have helped John improve his mixing over time
44:01 Managing your low end throughout various sections of a song
And much, much more

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