EP181 | Alex Morgan

EP181 | Alex Morgan

We’re going outside the box with photographer and entrepreneur, Alex Morgan, to talk career building, time management, and need to know band photography info.

Not only has Alex photographed bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Gojira, and Daath, but, more importantly, he brings a killer entrepreneurial mindset to everything he does. His approach to and passion for his career are things that everyone can take valuable lessons from.

There’s something to be said for conditioning yourself to celebrate other people’s success instead of being jealous of them for having it.” – Alex Morgan


05:20 Providing the “full package” as a new business model
07:09 Why you need to be careful about “specializing”
10:30 Expanding outside your work niche or specific genres
22:00 The importance of in person networking in early career
37:30 Time management and delegation
51:00 Cultivating relationships with Gojira and others
1:04:00 Appreciating others’ success instead of envying
1:25:00 Investing in your own growth, retirement isn’t the goal
1:34:00 Wedding photography – high pressure and risk, flow state
1:45:00 Client/label expectations for band photography
1:55:00 Why bands need experience and self-awareness in image/photo shoots
2:01:30 Go to cameras/lenses, especially for low light
And much, much more

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A selection of Alex’s photography as discussed

Cannibal Corpse






Alex Morgan Imaging
Alex’s Instagram
Deliver Us From Evil on Spotify

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