EP180 | James Paul Wisner

EP180 | James Paul Wisner

On this episode, James Paul Wisner (Paramore, Dashboard Confessional, Underoath) joins us for a conversation that goes in a ton of interesting directions, from amazing points related to artistry and mindset and deep into the technical end of things.

This is an extra long one, people. But we needed that added time to get in all the information that’s in this discussion. James is an amazing producer, and not only does he bring his impressive technical know how to the table, he also has philosophies for approaching his work that anyone could benefit from.

For me, what motivates me, is wanting to get together with a group of talented guys, and bring out what their potential is.” – James Paul Wisner


The benefits of being a multi-instrumentalist
Doing homework on a band before you get them in the studio
Setting clear goals, and making room for potential setbacks
Managing your personal space and not allowing negative influences to take hold
James’s approach to vocals
And much, much more



Time Stamps:

2:30 Discovering recording and the Beatles around age 11, 4 track + 2 track
12:00 Approaching writing from piano vs guitar
14:00 Multi-instrumentalist, thinking like a drummer
17:40 Listening to a mix of the Beatles with drums up and some Lars Ulrich talk
22:00 Learning about a drummer, talking to bands before production
23:14 Eyal’s metronome tip
30:38 Doing homework on bands before entering the studio
33:00 Importance of inter-band communication
35:00 Getting clear on the goal, be committed to it, but have space for potential bad moments
42:06 Developing vision
43:50 Gut check moment: change or nothing’s going to happen
56:30 Getting new clients, placing ads back in the day
1:00:44 Not letting all the potential reasons that things could go wrong get in your way
1:02:57 Actively removing negative influences, managing your personal space
1:12:00 Getting involved with Further Seems Forever, Underoath, Tooth and Nail records
1:17:00 Working with David Bendeth
1:23:04 Conveying to musicians that simpler is better
1:29:06 James’s approach to tracking vocals
1:32:06 The technical side of things: clocking, high resolution audio, power conditioning
1:44:00 Getting drum sounds, tube traps for home studios
1:48:48 Getting clear and powerful vocals
1:50:33 Handling mix notes
1:58:00 Programming, mixing digital sounds with rock productions
2:02:00 James’s biggest piece of advice for vocal production

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  1. Yes- you guys are back! I really enjoy these more intangible subjected podcasts! It always seem to drive home something I am struggling with at the moment!

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