EP179 | James O'Keefe

EP179 | Sean O’Keefe

Sean O’keefe (Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack, Plain White T’s) joins us this time to impart some wisdom about committing, not letting deal specifics get in the way of a project, and Developing his workflow during the transition from analog to digital mixing.

Sean has worked on a number of successful records and with a bunch of amazing bands. Many of the lessons he’s learned that have made him the stellar producer his is stem from working on analog gear when he started, but those lessons are just as important today. Are you creating, or are you just sitting on iteration after iteration of the same song?

Create. Create something, and do it quickly. Don’t slave. Don’t do revisions. Treat it like it’s an analog console. Create for the purpose of creating. And then move on. And do another one.” – Sean O’Keefe


Finishing projects and letting them go out into the world
Not letting worrying get in your way
The early days of Sean’s career
The lessons about committing that he learned working on analog gear
Why you shouldn’t be too much of a stickler about deals you’re offered
The process behind his recording with Fall Out Boy and others
And much, much more

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