EP177 | Nick Sampson

EP177 | Nick Sampson

We’ve got Nick Sampson back for an in depth talk about his work with Polyphia, amazing drummers, and writing catchy songs.

Nick certainly has some amazing ideas about all facets of guitar. Whether you’re interested in the engineering of the objects themselves, becoming a better player, or getting amazing tracks, he’s you’re guy. But his studio craft doesn’t begin and end there. On this episode we get into the ins and outs of Nick’s approach to working in the studio.

There’s certain genres of music that do not require you to be an amazing guitar player. Play in the pocket, hit the strings with the right velocity and the right angles, use the right pressure with your right hand, and that right there will make a massive difference.” – Eyal Levi


– Pushing the boundaries of what guitars can be
– How to bring out the best performances in clients
– Why Epitaph by Necrophagist is so important
– How Nick began working with Polyphia
– Approaching songwriting with singability in mind
– Nick’s tips for getting awesome guitar and bass tones
– And much, much more


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Nick’s previous appearance on URM Podcast Tips & Tricks 13

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