EP160 | Jeff Dunne

EP160 | Jeff Dunne

Jeff Dunne follows up the Emmure Nail the Mix by joining us to dive into how he’s gotten to this point and how he continues to knock out killer mixes.

Being a successful audio professional involves a lot more than just knowing how to mix. Not only is Jeff an amazing producer, but he balances that with another career, and his approach to managing all of it is something that we could all learn from. From avoiding distractions to communication strategies to not letting your unconscious sabotage you, there’s tons of info to take away from this one.

I think a lot of it is having confidence in what you can do, making sure you do it at a consistent level, and then being a little bit willing to pick up some shit at the end of the day for other people, because, realistically, that’s what people need you to do even if that’s not the explicitly stated job description.” – Jeff Dunne


– Jeff’s top down mixing philosophy
– Managing your involuntary reactions and turning them into positives
– Cutting out distractions
– How to become a “go to guy”
– Nailing the prep
– And much, much more


Join Nail the Mix to See Jeff and WZRD BLD kill it with Emmure’s “Flag of the Beast”

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