EP149 | Mick Gordon

EP149 | Mick Gordon

Mick Gordon, the composer and mastermind behind the soundtracks for Doom, Prey, Wolfenstein and a slew of other video games joins us to delve into his creative process.

Efficiency, vigorous work ethic, and the ability to craft music that connects on an emotional level are elements that exist very rarely in one artist. Mick has achieved the level of success he has because he encompasses all these traits, and it’s great to have him on board for a discussion about what it takes to get to the top and how to maintain your health and sanity while doing it.

My biggest advice would be to really tap into how music makes you feel, not just the technicalities behind making the music.” – Mick Gordon


– Coming up with a plan, and being able to alter that plan when needed
– Mick’s blocking approach to work scheduling
– Bludgeoning your way through projects vs. efficiency
– How Mick got into the video game music industry
– The importance of getting out of your studio
– Writing music that connects on an emotional level
– Why Mick initially composes music with crappy tones
– And much, much more


Mick Gordon’s Website
The Doom Soundtrack

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