EP122 | Hardcore Tracking With Jordan Valeriote

EP122 | Hardcore Tracking With Jordan Valeriote

Jordan Valeriote is launching his Hardcore Tracking course this week, and he’s back to fill us in on some of the awesome philosophies behind it.

Get things right at the source. We’ve all heard it. It’s obviously great advice. But do you actually know how to implement it? It can be easier said than done. Jordan recognized that a lot of people have a tendency to overcomplicate matters and end up with subpar results; that’s why he decided to start Hardcore Tracking. We’ve checked out what he’s got planned for it, and it kicks ass.

For me, it all comes down to, ‘Why?’” – Jordan Valeriote


– Why Jordan decided to release Hardcore Tracking
– 3 things recording engineers should be doing
– Signal flow hierarchy
– What to do when the band you’re recording sucks
– How to coax great performances out of musicians
– Strategies for each instrument
– And much, much more


Hardcore Tracking with added bonuses from URM Academy
Drumforge Eyal Levi Expansion

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