EP107 | Mixcritmonday Meshuggah Edition With Special Guest John Browne

EP107 | Mixcritmonday Meshuggah Edition With Special Guest John Browne

We’ve enlisted John Browne (Monuments, Flux Conduct) to assist us in critiquing your mixes of Meshuggah’s “MonstroCity.”

I find that if you over-listen to your mix while you’re mixing, you just get used to that sound. So, you have to put it away for a few days and come back to it.” – John Browne


– The value of mixing a variety of genres
– What happens when you miss the target with the balance in your mix
– Phase nightmares
– Why you need to make sure your kick and snare are solid
– Things to watch out for when handling a plethora of guitar tracks
– Avoiding ending up with a blanket over your mix
– And much, much more

Thanks for listening!
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  1. Glad I got ripped apart. I travel for work and had to mix this on headphones. Time to crank out some corrections. The only reason I even have a solid kick and snare is because I listened to Joel’s rant about sample replacement a few months back. Bought Trigger that day lol

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