EP 222 | Jacob Hansen and Dyscarnate

EP 222 | DIY Production Best Practices with Jacob Hansen, Dyscarnate, and Chris Adler

Producer Jacob Hansen and the members of Dyscarnate join us to discuss how to optimize a DIY production. If done properly, even a low budget production can be turned into gold in the hands of the right mixer.

When Jacob Hansen handled the mixing for With All Their Might, he was given a bare bones, but properly done DIY production. The band gave him everything he needed to be able to turn it into a crushing mix. In this episode we discuss what is important and what isn’t important when your recording situation isn’t ideal. It’s true that nothing beats a great band in a great room with great gear and a great producer, but that’s just not reality for most bands and it’s important to know how to make the best out of any recording situation you find yourself in


3:01 – Mixing tracks that were recorded in a less than ideal situation

4:52 – How Jacob hooked up with Dyscarnate

7:44 – How to communicate your goals with the mixer

10:21 – What aspects of recording require professional help

11:40 – What Jacob needs when a client doesn’t have much of a studio to work with and how to get the files to him so he can do his best work

16:49 – How often you should change strings on bass

19:38 – Simple things that bands can do when they don’t have a big recording budget

20:33 – How to record vocals without a fancy booth

24:41  – How Dyscarnate edited their vocals

27:54 – Bass tuning and tone

31:57 – Finding experts in your local area

35:53 – Areas of focus for optimal guitar tone


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