EP49 | Kevin Antreassian

EP49 | Kevin Antreassian

Kevin Antreassian (Dillinger Escape Plan, Backroom Studios) joins us for a conversation about the benefits of networking and staying open to opportunities at every stage of your career.

In addition to being a killer guitarist and engineer, Kevin exemplifies what can happen if you keep your networking game on point. We also get into what it takes to jump in and learn technical songs, why getting on the road and teching for bands can be a great opportunity, and why people should refrain from awkwardly attempting to touch our godly beards.

If you really want to get anywhere in this industry you have to play some kind of music, you have to be involved in some scene of some kind. Otherwise, who’s going to trust you with their music if you’re not actually doing what they want to do.” – Kevin Antreassian


– How Kevin ended up working in audio after initially wanting nothing to do with it
– Things to keep in mind while touring internationally
– The networking that led Kevin to join Dillinger Escape Plan
– What kind of effort and dedication it takes to learn complicated songs
– How to deal with noisy neighbors
– The benefits of being open to being a tech for bands
– And much, much more


Backroom Studios
Party Smasher Inc.
Metal Beard Club
Dillinger Escape Plan

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