Unboxing Meshuggah “Monstrocity” raw multi-tracks

Yep, it’s that good!

Eyal Levi takes you on a guided tour of the raw session for this monster of a song (ba dum tiss), originally mixed by Tue Madsen and featured on Nail The Mix back in 2017. And YES, it sounds as ridiculously amazing as you are imagining it does 🙂

Here’s a few things to note as you watch the unboxing

  • It was recorded essentially live, which is very rare for metal because very few bands can pull it off like Meshuggah or Gojira can
  • The overall arrangement is pretty straightforward… no orchestra or synths or anything, just drums bass guitars and vocals (Tomas Haake on drums, Fredrick Thorendal and Marten Hagstrom on guitar, Dick Lovgren on bass, Jens Kidman vocalist)
  • While the arrangement is simple, there are a LOT of options for you to work with: the guitars are quad tracked, but with lots of microphones and amp tones (Rectifier, Marshall, Engl, and more) to choose from as well as a guitar DI track. There’s a total of 6 amps PER GUITAR and 4 tracks, for a total of 24 guitar tracks!
  • These multi-tracks have reamped drums in them, which is rare to see (but awesome!)

Want more? Click here to get instant access to these multi-tracks and Tue’s full mix session

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